Peter Landesman wrote and directed the movie Concussion and he said he loves football.

“The issue is the iceberg; the game is the Titanic,” said Landesman.

The movie follows Dr. Bennet Omalu who discovers the extent of head trauma in football.

“It’s a movie that I believe will change the way people look at a big American thing,” Landesman said from California on Saturday, “and what it is to tell the truth about a very inconvenient revelation about this thing that is beautiful and gives us joy. Sometimes things that are wonderful are not that good for us. It’s a thing we should all be talking about.

“The sport is amazing. It saves lives. The sport is amazing. It takes lives.

“Life is an occupational hazard. We have to pick the things that give us joy yet might hurt us, and hurt us the least, and yet fulfill our need and appetites. That’s one of the big conflicts of human existence. No one has seen something this big confront something so existentially dangerous. I think either nothing will happen because of all these revelations [about head trauma and football], or more likely NFL football 15 years from now will have gone the way of boxing.”