Havard Rugland has parlayed a four-minute video entitled 'Kickalicious' into a possible NFL kicking career.

Rugland received a tryout with the Jets last week.

“Look, I don’t know much about football,” Rugland said by telephone from his home in Aalgaard, a small town near the southwestern coast of Norway. “But I’m fascinated by it. There’s great athletes and speed and big hits. I thought it was interesting. So I wondered, What can I do?”

In one clip Rugland kicks the ball from a dock to someone in a canoe floating about 25 yards away.

Rugland is so accurate on so many difficult kicks that his video almost seems too good to be true. 

“I actually used Windows Movie Maker to edit the film,” Rugland said. “The program isn’t very good, so it actually crashed a few times. So it’s kind of funny hearing people accusing me of things like, ‘Oh, this is fake and it’s easy to see.’ I don’t know how I would be able to try and do that.”

Rugland has also hired an agent, Jill McBride Baxter, who represents a few kickers. Baxter hopes Rugland can sign with an NFL team in the offseason and vie for a spot on a 53-man roster next season.

“After the Jets workout, I got a call from the Raiders,” Baxter said. “And then Michael got a call from Green Bay and he got a call from Philadelphia,” she said, referring to Husted. “So yeah, there’s interest.”