Aaron Rodgers insists that the Packers will be better in 2012 despite posting a 15-1 record last season. "We're going to be a better team this year," said Rodgers. "We're going to play better. We'll be better up front [on defense], I think. Different attitude, I think. We brought in some guys with some nasty to them." Green Bay was eliminated by New York in the divisional round of the playoffs. "I think there was a little bit of some too-comfortable mentality," Rodgers said. "One of the things that winning does is it masks some of the issues you might have. When you have a real successful season, the little things get swept under the rug and the big things become little things. It's hard to knock a team on energy and enthusiasm and effort when you're still going out and winning. But it can catch up to you at some point, and it did with us."