Colts quarterback Dan Orlovsky returned to work on Thursday, the day after his wife, Tiffany, gave birth to three sons. Orlovsky is now the father of Noah Patrick, Hunter Daniel and Madden Lesher. "... 9:44, 9:45 and 9:46 (a.m.)," Orlovsky said. "It's very similar to what everybody describes it as. It's a very surreal feeling. It was real emotional for my wife and I. We're very excited. We're looking forward to it." Although he missed the first day of preparation for Sunday's regular-season finale at Jacksonville, the Colts' schedule proved conducive to Orlovsky spending time with his wife in the final days of her pregnancy. Indianapolis coach Jim Caldwell gave players five days off after the Dec. 22 win over Houston. "I wouldn't have missed it," Orlovsky said of the deliveries, which he witnessed, "but just convenient to be home after the win and be home for a doctor's appointment and what transpired. It was obviously good to be home."