Reggie Bush, in his first season with the Dolphins, has enjoyed the first 1,000-yard rushing effort of his NFL career. The former member of the Saints doesn't want to stop there. "I feel like there's so much more," Bush said. "This is just the tip of the iceberg." When asked if he's capable of winning an NFL rushing title, noting the task often requires well above 1,500 yards, he did not hesitate. "Yes, I do," Bush said. "No disrespect to anyone, but I've spent a lot of time studying different players, including Chris Johnson. I've watched a ton of his runs, especially during his 2,000-yard season. And yeah, I feel like I'm capable of a lot, but I'm not worrying about that yet. My mental focus is entirely on this next game. If I wasn't, my priorities would be backward, and I wouldn't be setting myself up to accomplish any of this."