Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went to bat for teammate and wide receiver Randy Moss on Monday. Brady made it clear that he'd like to have Moss, who isn't under contract past this season, back next year. "I told (Moss) the way I felt," Brady said. "I mean, I'm telling you, every quarterback in the league would want him on their team. He's a great player, he's a dominant player." Moss went on a rant after Sunday's win over the Bengals, saying he feels disrespected and doesn't think he'll be in New England next season. "I think there's times when he's got a good matchup, and he wants the ball and he needs the ball, that he expects it," Brady said. "But at the same time, he knows that if there's two guys on him or three guys on him ... he's OK with it going the other way. He's like anybody. Any good player wants the ball."