Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway is interested in becoming a minority investor in the Broncos. If he can't purchase a stake in ownership of his former team, he'll look at other potential deals. "That's always a possibility, but it really depends on what Pat's going to do," Elway told the Denver Post. "Would I like to be a part owner? Yes. I'd like for it to happen here. If not, and there is an opportunity somewhere else, I'd definitely look at that, too." Elway, who has visited practices and built a rapport with coach Josh McDaniels, said he wants to be more involved. "I've really enjoyed being around John," McDaniels said. "He means so much to the Broncos, Denver and the NFL. We've had fun, and I look forward to John having a relationship with the Broncos, Pat Bowlen and me well into the future. .. He is the greatest Bronco of all time and someone all our players should know and respect. We can benefit from John's knowledge, presence and experience."