Quarterback Daunte Culpepper, the subject of trade speculation, isn't saying much these days. But others close to him are weighing in. New Vikings coach Brad Childress said Wednesday that he and Culpepper talk on a weekly basis. "You classify rumors as just that, rumors," Childress said Wednesday on "The Drive on Fox" with Chris Myers and Bryan Cox. "There's nobody that knows what Daunte and I talk about except Daunte and I, and I'd like to keep it that way." Childress said Culpepper's status as the Vikings' No. 1 quarterback has not changed. "I said in my opening comments... he's a franchise quarterback, and I don't believe a guy loses his position based on injury," Childress said. "So the first thing is, he doesn't need to be injured anymore. He's got to rehab. He's got control over that. I don't have control over that." Meanwhile, former Vikings receiver Randy Moss told Dan Patrick on Patrick's ESPN radio show that he spoke to Culpepper on Monday night. "Does he want out of Minnesota?" Moss said, repeating Patrick's question. "I really can't get that feel. What Daunte wants is some clarity. Clarity meaning, where is his future going to be? Is it going to be with them, as a franchise quarterback, or does he need to go elsewhere? ? Once he gets clarity, then they can go from there." Earlier, Moss said he and Culpepper reminisced about their days with the Vikings. Moss said he gave Culpepper some insight on the receiver's new NFL home. "I gave him a little lowdown on Oakland, the city, the team, the players," said Moss, now with the Raiders. "We just talked about a lot of things." Moss referred to Culpepper as a "brother" and said the two have a positive relationship. "I just want to let people know that there's nothing between us but love," Moss said. "But by him and me reuniting would be like a Cinderella story."