Seattle Seahawks runner Shaun Alexander will leave the team Thursday to attend a family funeral in Cincinnati, but will return in time for Sunday's regular-season finale at Green Bay -- and perhaps a touchdown record. Alexander tied Priest Holmes' NFL record of 27 touchdowns in a season in Saturday's win over Indianapolis. He also has a career-high and Seahawks' record 1,807 yards rushing and is closing in on his first league rushing title. He leads Tiki Barber of the New York Giants by 150 yards entering this weekend's finales. Alexander missed the rushing crown by 1 yard last season. Coach Mike Holmgren said he would substitute his starters "pretty liberally" throughout Sunday's game. Asked if he would put Alexander back into the game if he still needed a touchdown, the coach shook his head and said, "I don't know. Let me think about that a little." "I want him to get the record. We all want him to get the record," Holmgren said. "The most important thing is we have our guys healthy for the playoffs. So if the situation comes up I am going to have to make a decision at the time -- just like whether to go for it on fourth down or not," he said.