With the 2017 NFL regular season complete, here is a way too early mock draft for 2018.

Round 1

Team 1: Le’Veon Bell

Team 2: Todd Gurley

Team 3: Antonio Brown

Team 4: David Johnson

Team 5: Ezekiel Elliott

Team 6: Leonard Fournette

Team 7: DeAndre Hopkins

Team 8: Kareem Hunt

Team 9: Odell Beckham Jr.

Team 10: Julio Jones

Team 11: Devonta Freeman

Team 12: Alvin Kamara

Comments: Continuing the trend from last year, more top RBs will ascend into the first round slots. This is the result of a rebound season from Gurley, along with strong rookie seasons for Fournette, Hunt and Kamara. I may be too low on Kamara here. On the flip side, wide receivers have caused increased concern for owners due to injury (Odell Beckham), lack of production (Mike Evans) or uneven weekly production (Julio Jones). I prefer Hopkins as the second receiver off the board behind Antonio Brown. I also may be a bit high on Kareem Hunt here, but I consider him a strong first round value. 

Round 2

Team 12: Mark Ingram

Team 11: AJ Green

Team 10: Mike Evans

Team 9: Mike Thomas

Team 8: Rob Gronkowski

Team 7: LeSean McCoy

Team 6: Adam Thielen

Team 5: Keenan Allen

Team 4: Melvin Gordon

Team 3: Jordan Howard

Team 2: Davante Adams

Team 1: Brandin Cooks

Comments: Starting at the top of round two, there’s a chance that Mark Ingram could become a free agent, in which case of course he could land with a new team. We’ll assume for our mock purposes that he returns to the Saints. The top half of round two should be where Gronk and a glut of wide receivers are selected. Adam Thielen belongs in the second round, but we’ll need to keep an eye out for the Vikings quarterback situation. If not for injury concerns, Keenan Allen could go even higher than mid-second round. Davante Adams’ ranking assumes that he returns to the Packers, although he’s a free agent as well – so it bears watching. Last point here – Penn State rookie RB Saquon Barkley could find himself in round 2 as well, depending on what team selects him. Alright, so that’s an early peak at a mock draft for 2018 leagues.