The morning was spent watching the weigh ins, which is more than a little absurd. Picture a convention center with about 2000 and exactly four women watching a cavalcade of young men get weighed and measured in their Under Armour boxer briefs, with the measurement called out like a cattle auction. Everyone is scribbling notes about the players’ bodies and how they look.

Some notables from the weigh-ins

Best bodies:

Georgia DE Cornelius Washington, who stands 6’4” and 264 with nary a morsel of body fat. He has the physique that every guy at the gym wants, even the buff ones.

Central Michigan T Eric Fisher, at 6’7” and 305 pounds he looks very lean and powerful with naturally wide shoulders and upper arm definition

UCLA DE Datone Jones, a very rocked up 6’4” and 280 pounds. He looks like a MMA combatant and carries himself with that sort of demeanor

Florida International S Jonathan Cyprien looked straight out of a muscle & fitness magazine. He’s a hair over 6’ and 209 pounds. What stood out about Cyprien was his very defined leg muscles.

Missouri LB Zaviar Gooden isn’t thick but looks very leanly cut at 6’1” and 233 pounds.

Worst bodies:

Purdue DT Kawann Short, looking very frumpy and unathletic at 6’3” and 308. You would never guess he plays a sport other than sumo wrestling.

Kentucky G Larry Warford, for whom I scribbled in my notes “sloppy” at 333 pounds of loose flesh.

Georgia DT John Jenkins. As I noted on Twitter, he looks like an audition tape for “The Biggest Loser” with a massive waist and large, saggy chest with poor muscle girth.

Some players had some interesting discrepancies or features:

Louisiana Tech WR Quinton Patton was listed at 6’2” but measured in at exactly 6’. For a receiver that doesn’t have elite quickness or speed, the loss of two inches of expected height is significant.

Marshall WR Aaron Dobson measured in just fine at 6’2.5” and 203 pounds, but his hand size of 8.5” is freakishly tiny. Small hands are a very bad thing for people who make a living catching things. That also applies to Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope, who measured even smaller than Dobson.

West Virginia OL Joe Madson had very short arms with a wingspan just over 71. Anything under 75 is a flag. Notre Dame C Braxton Cave was right at 75. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Clemson DE Malliciah Goodman was over 87 despite being the exact same height as Cave. That’s a full foot of extra reach.

Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib just hit the 6’2” mark, which is what most NFL people look at as a minimum. Obviously Russell Wilson and Drew Brees defy this, but many are slow to change their thinking.

General notes:

Alabama T D.J. Fluker is one big hombre at just under 6’5” and 355 pounds. He has some fat for sure but he is not sloppy looking and has massive shoulders. He really lumbers when he walks.

SMU DE Margus Hunt is a real curiosity here, very popular with the other players who approach him with respect. He stands 6’8” and 277 pounds but isn’t really toned. In fact, when he walked off the stage he almost looked skinny and his legs are not thick at all. An Estonian native, Hunt has yet to catch onto the American custom of manscaping his back hair. His height is almost all above his waist. It gets concealed a bit because his traps and delts are very impressive, but his waist is at an even height with players 3-4 inches shorter than he is.

Southern Miss linebacker Jamie Collins really impressed by measuring at 6’3” and 245 solid pounds. He played defensive end at USM while listed at 6’2” and 228. If he’s still as quick and fast with his newfound bulk, Collins is a top 40 lock.

Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson is 6’2” and 218, which is just tall enough and just bulky enough for the position. More than one person remarked that without his shirt he looks a lot physically like Aaron Rodgers.

Auburn RB/RS Onterrio McCalebb tipped the scales at 164 pounds, which immediately had people rumbling about durability issues. Sure enough, within the first hour of practice it was announced he is out for the rest of the week with a hamstring injury.

It was well known that Fresno State RB Robbie Rouse was short, but at 5’5” he’s really short. That’s a legit problem if he ever has to take a handoff from a QB like Mike Glennon, who stands 6’6” and appears to have never seen sunlight on his ghostly white skin.

The safeties here have some real impressive size. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: this is the deepest, most talented safety class in a very long time.

Several players had to pull out with injuries. Notable among them were USC QB Matt Barkley, West Virginia WR Tavon Austin, and South Carolina S DJ Swearinger. This is probably a real positive for Barkley, whose stock will rise as the other QBs in this class continue to struggle.

I’ll give a breakdown of winners and losers from actual practices on Tuesday. Stay tuned!