Eagles' quarterback Donovan McNabb believes that the team can follow in the footsteps of the Phillies and bring a World Championship home to the city of Philadelphia. "We have an opportunity to get to that," McNabb said. "The only thing we can do at this particular point is take one game at a time, do our jobs and let the chips fall where they may." The Eagles insist that the Phillies' victory hasn't placed additional pressure on them to bring home a title. "Since I?ve been here I?ve been a part of the Sixers in a championship series," McNabb said. "Unfortunately they didn?t win. We were part of the Super Bowl and we didn?t win. The Flyers were one series away from the championship this last year. So I?ve seen people kind of get close and just be that far away from winning. And now I?ve seen a team from Philly win the whole thing. "I?m very happy for them. You work extremely hard to get that goal and when you finally get a chance to accomplish it, it?s not only a big-time feeling for you, but for your teammates. And obviously, as you can see here in Philadelphia, it?s a major thing. The fans deserve it with everything that they?ve been going through."