Saints' cCach Sean Payton struggled to be diplomatic about his team's game against the Chargers in London on Sunday, railing against everything from field conditions to the flight home. "Logistically, I think it's hard to bring two teams over there and play a game during the regular season like this," Payton said Tuesday. He did point out some positives, saying that the fans in England were great and that it will help expose fans overseas to the best level of American football. "The travel, transportation, those aren't club issues; those are league issues. We've been unable to figure that part of it out," Payton said. "When we play a game and we're in a plane that's over 30 years old a day later and we have players sitting in (small) seats ... I think they just have a lot of work to do to figure this thing out. It's hard for me to say it's a great experience and a great thing for your club."