Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen believes fines in the NFL are getting out of hand and are starting to restrict players' freedom of speech. "The First Amendment's out the window," Allen said. "I say something wrong, I could get another fine. I might get fined for that. I'll tell you what, I think it's kind of getting out of hand. There comes a point to where we have to be able to play this game." Allen was fined $5,000 for his unnecessary roughness penalty against Chicago in Week 7. "Tempers are going to flare," Allen said. "People are going to disagree with the ref's call. They're going to say something. But at some point, where do you cross the line? They're taking away our God-given right to express our feelings and our emotions. Last time I checked, we live in America. We have freedom of speech, but not in the NFL."