The scoreboard is where games are officially won and lost, but they are largely decided by the team that wins the battles of yards per pass, yards per carry, penalty yards lost, first downs, and turnovers. For this reason, RealGM executive editor Christopher Reina created the following formula called the ?Trench Counter? to look at which teams truly control the game: (2x Yards per pass) + (2x Yards per carry) + (.5 First downs) - (Penalty yards/10) - (2.5 Turnovers) - (Opposing Team's Trench Counter) Click here for more information on the Trench Counter For the 2008 season, our weekly team rankings will be based solely off this formula. 1. New York Giants: 9.4 The defending-champions stand alone with the NFL?s second-best record and have regained the lead spot. The Giants have topped this list in three of the last four weeks. 2. Philadelphia Eagles: 9.4 Even after their win against the Falcons, the Eagles still sit at the bottom of their division. The Dolphins, No. 6 on the list, are the only other last-place team in the top-fifteen. 3. Washington Redskins: 7.7 The Redskins hold the third spot and are also the third NFC East team on the list. After allowing the Lions to hang close for longer than expected, Washington hosts Pittsburgh in a primetime battle this Monday night. 4. Pittsburgh Steelers: 7.4 The Steelers, who held the top spot after Week 7, fall to fourth after losing to the Giants at Heinz Field on Sunday afternoon. 5. Tennessee Titans: 6.1 The Titans quieted a majority of their critics on Monday night with an impressive win over the Colts. Nearly midway through their season, they lead the AFC South by an astounding four games. 6. Miami Dolphins: 4.4 The Dolphins are one of only two teams, along with the Vikings, in the top-fifteen with a losing record. Miami can thank their Week 3 (26.6), Week 5 (15.3) and Week 8 (11.6) TC totals. 7. Carolina Panthers: 4.3 Carolina moved into first in the NFC South with a big win over the Cardinals and can now enjoy their bye-week before traveling to Oakland. 8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4.0 The Buccaneers moved down after a listless four-point loss to the Cowboys, but they could sky-rocket up the rankings with the Chiefs coming up. 9. Minnesota Vikings: 3.3 The Vikings needed a week off after their debacle against the Bears in Week Seven. 10. Baltimore Ravens: 2.6 Baltimore?s dismantling of the Raiders allowed them to move up three spots. They?ll have a chance to continue surging against the hot-and-cold Browns on Sunday. 11. Atlanta Falcons: 2.4 Matt Ryan didn?t back down to his hometown Eagles in Philadelphia, but the Falcons lost and slid down five spots. 12. Dallas Cowboys: 2.1 The Cowboys stay put thanks to a tough, but impressive, win over the Buccaneers. Is Tony Romo that good, or could Brad Johnson be that bad in Wade Phillips? downfield offense? 13. Chicago Bears: 1.7 The Bears actually moved up two spots on their bye-week. What more can you ask for? 14. New England Patriots: 1.4 Bill Belichick has figured out a way to win even when Matt Cassel struggles. That?s bad news for the rest of the AFC. 15. Buffalo Bills: 1.3 Buffalo looked bad against Miami, and will have no relief with the rival Jets on the docket. This isn?t a time for the Bills to stumble; the Patriots have rallied to tie for the AFC East lead. 16. Houston Texans: 0.6 The Texans feasted on the Bengals and have quietly won three-consecutive games. They?ll face the Vikings on Sunday, a matchup much tougher than Cincinnati. 17. Arizona Cardinals: 0.6 The Cardinals lost a tough one to the Panthers, but still have a two-game lead in the dreadful NFC West. 18. San Diego Chargers: 0.5 Philip Rivers still leads the NFL in quarterback rating, 107.8, but the San Diego defense simply can?t stop anyone. They are allowing nearly 25 points per game. 19. New York Jets: 0.5 The Jets were lucky to have escaped their game against the Chiefs will a win on Sunday. Brett Favre needs to make better decisions if this team is going to challenge for a playoff spot. 20. Green Bay Packers: 0.0 After some rest, the Packers will travel to Tennessee. 21. New Orleans Saints: -0.2 The Saints needed a victory in London badly, and got it in a shootout with the Chargers. Drew Brees (2,563) has almost 500 more yards than any other quarterback in the league. 22. Denver Broncos: -2.4 After their bye-week, the Broncos will host the surging Dolphins. We?ll have to see which Denver team shows up. 23. San Francisco 49ers: -2.6 Mike Singletary has brought his no-nonsense approach to the 49ers in just one short week. Can Shaun Hill help resurrect the team?s struggling offense? 24. Indianapolis Colts: -2.8 Peyton Manning?s sub par season continues. He threw a pair of interceptions against the Titans, one coming in the fourth quarter as he looked to drive the Colts down field and get back into the game. 25. Jacksonville Jaguars: -3.2 After a tough loss, the Jaguars have the horrid Bengals on the schedule. If Cincinnati?s porous defense and abysmal offense don?t cure Jacksonville, nothing will. 26. Cleveland Browns: -4.1 Cleveland?s win against the Jaguars in Jacksonville could help turn their season around, but they?ll have to knock off the Ravens this weekend to reach .500 and move up in these rankings. 27. Seattle Seahawks: -6.8 Seneca Wallace turned in a strong performance for the Seahawks against the struggling 49ers. Was it a sign of things to come in Seattle, or has San Francisco become that bad? 28. Oakland Raiders: -8.4 Oakland remains exactly where they were one week ago despite a demoralizing 29-10 loss to the Ravens in Baltimore. 29. Kansas City Chiefs: -9.1 Tyler Thigpen had his best start in Week Eight as the Chiefs almost upset the Jets. Their -0.3 TC was their second-best best of the year. 30. St. Louis Rams: -9.7 The Rams were close to beating the Patriots this weekend, but all they came away with was a -7 TC in a seven-point loss. 31. Detroit Lions: -10.5 Detroit was just a fraction of a point away from remaining last in back-to-back weeks. They?ll battle the Bears, who they posted their third-best TC of the season against (-8.8) in Week Five, at Solider Field on Sunday. 32. Cincinnati Bengals: -10.6 The Bengals move into the basement after the Rams and Lions took turns occupying it in recent weeks. They play the Jaguars this weekend with the chance to either slide up or pad their ?lead?.