Vikings' Coach Brad Childress says that punter Chris Kluwe wasn't supposed to kick to Saints' running back Reggie Bush on his final two punts. "I felt, overall, I had a good game," Kluwe said. "But it's unfortunate that Reggie Bush is a great punt returner." Kluwe kicked great in the first half but was instructed to kick his final two punts out of bounds. Instead, Bush returned both for touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters. "Both of those kicks are supposed to be out of bounds," Childress said, "and when you say to somebody kick the ball out of bounds, that's what you expect to happen." "That's what I expect to happen with a professional football kicker." Childress hinted that he could find someone else to punt. "You know what? If he can't do that, I'll find someone that can kick the ball out of bounds," Childress added.