Although the head coach wasn't ready to anoint Tarvaris Jackson the 2008 starter, the young quarterback got a vote of confidence Sunday night from veteran receiver Bobby Wade. Asked if Jackson should be the starter next season, Wade said, "In my opinion, yes, there's no doubt about it." "A guy that put that type of work in this year. Fight through injuries. New offense. New players. That's very rare to find, especially at that position. To have that thick skin and that short-term memory and to continue to play, I'm just excited to have Tarvaris, and I'm excited to see where he's going." Jackson also was optimistic about his play, but their opinions aren't the ones that count. That decision belongs to Vikings' Coach Brad Childress, who deferred comment for at least a couple of days. "You know, I'm going to go back and hold off on that," Childress said when asked if he was "comfortable" with Jackson. "You know, I keep getting riveted with that question, and I'm just not going to answer that question, standing here, with the emotions that flow at the end of a game. I'm sure we'll talk about it during the week."