Dolphins' defensive end Jason Taylor didn't have too many answers Sunday evening - not about his future, not about his coach, not about the team's prospects. The Dolphins fell to 1-15 after being soundly beaten by the Cincinnati Bengals 38-25 in the season finale, and Taylor conceded it might have been his last game with the team that drafted him in 1997. Walking off the field for the last game today, obviously, was on my mind," said Taylor, 33. "I thought about it. If it is, I'll obviously miss it a lot." The emotion of the game still fresh in his mind, Taylor wouldn't say if he wanted to come back to the Dolphins. "I don't know," he said. "I can't answer that question right now. I'd like to win." What it would take to turn around the Dolphins, Taylor couldn't say. "Win right now? That's a tough question to answer," Taylor said. "This team is not set up right now to be a championship-caliber football team."