The NFL quarterback carousel, which has spun at breakneck speeds in 2007, will reach historic proportions in this final weekend of the season. At least two quarterbacks -- JaMarcus Russell of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco's Chris Weinke -- will start their first games of the year in their respective teams' season finales. For Russell, the overall top selection in the 2007 draft, the meeting with the San Diego Chargers represents the first start of his professional career. For Weinke, the 2000 Heisman Trophy winner who was out of football until two weeks ago when the injury-depleted 49ers signed him, the game at Cleveland marks his first start since Christmas Eve 2006. And for the league, the addition of Weinke and Russell to the lengthy 2007 roll call raises to 63 the number of different starting quarterbacks employed by teams this season. That is the most in a non-strike season since the NFL implemented the 16-game schedule in 1978.