After promising in early June he would reveal details of the Dolphins' dealings with quarterback Daunte Culpepper, coach Cam Cameron made good Friday. In a news conference at his charity golf event, he said the Dolphins were working on a trade but it fell though, and that was why Culpepper was in limbo so long. "Immediately, there was an opportunity to trade," Cameron said at Orangebrook Country Club. "Then for a variety of reasons, the trade did not take place. The trade process drew the whole thing out. Ultimately, the trade was not able to get done, and we moved in a different direction." Cameron said he and Culpepper agreed to wait for a trade the moment it was determined the starter would be Trent Green, who the Dolphins acquired in the June 5 trade. But last month Culpepper said he would refuse to renegotiate his hefty contract, effectively blocking any trade. Culpepper wanted to be released, and that finally happened Tuesday.