Aaron Rodgers has not decided whether he intends to play football in 2023 -- let alone with what team that would be.

However, he did acknowledge on the The Pat McAfee Show that his current contract probably isn't viable for the Green Bay Packers or any other team.

Rodgers has $59.465 million guaranteed if he plays in 2023, as part of the three-year, $150 million contract extension he signed in March. It carries a salary-cap charge of $31,623,570 for next season.

"There's a lot of teams, because of COVID, that are strapped, and you're seeing with a lot of different contracts, they're pushing more money out in deals," Rodgers said.

"They're creating void years to allow for an easier cap hit, so there would have to be some adjustments, for sure."

The contract as it currently exists makes it difficult, but not impossible, for Rodgers to be traded.