Ron Rivera turned to Carson Wentz in Week 17 and saw the Washington Commanders lose to the Cleveland Browns.

Washington put up just 10 points and turned the ball over three times.

Rivera said he has no regrets about the decision to start Wentz over Taylor Heinicke.

"No, because to me it was always about winning and that it was in our hands," Rivera said. "I mean, we controlled our destiny basically and that's the truth of the matter. Being 0-2-1 in the last three games was probably a thing that really pushed me more than anything else. And that's what I looked at. And as I said, coming off of the last quarter of the 49er game, I was relatively optimistic in terms of dealing with what Carson could do.

"I thought we could run the ball. I think we could have run the ball a little bit better even though we did run it well. And I think that could have helped us a little bit more. But again, it's the decision that was made because I felt we needed a little something, after going that stretch of 0-2-1."