Bill Belichick has admitted that the Indianapolis Colts knew the New England Patriots' plays ahead of time in Week 9.

When asked about Colts linebacker Shaquille Leonard calling out plays before the snap, Belichick was candid about the issue.

"We definitely want to prevent that," Belichick said. "I thought that there were two or three plays for sure that Leonard really got a big jump on and stopped us basically on those plays."

New York Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley was also calling out plays before the snap in Week 8.

"Mosley got a couple of those a couple of weeks ago in the Jets game -- it almost looked like he heard the play in the huddle, he was on it so fast," Belichick said. "Leonard had a couple like that, too. So, whether it was something we were giving away or something that he anticipated based on whatever the keys were that he might have picked up, we certainly want to try to prevent that."