Aaron Rodgers believes mental mistakes have led to the Green Bay Packers' three-game losing streak, which has the team at 3-4.

"We had so many mental errors and mistakes," Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show. "It's not the kind of football we're used to playing over the years. There have definitely been seasons where we average four or five, six, maybe seven at the most, kind of mental errors or missed assignments per week. Some weeks you have like four, two sometimes. This season there's a lot more of that every single week. It's double digits every single week. Even on the game, we had like 50 plays or something -- there wasn't a ton of plays, they had 37 minutes time of possession -- a lot of mistakes."

The Packers are averaging 17 offensive points per game this season, the fewest through the first seven games in Rodgers' career.

"Guys who are making too many mistakes shouldn't be playing, you know. Gotta start cutting some reps, and maybe guys who aren't playing, give them a chance," he said.