Christian Watson has had a slow start to his rookie season, something Aaron Rodgers has seen before.

"Look, I tell you, he's got special speed. He really does. He's got incredible stride length," Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show.

"When you watch some of the film back, it's similar to watching Davante [Adams] his rookie year. You know there were games where I didn't give Davante a ton of looks, but you go back and watch the film, and you're thinking, 'Man, this guy is open often.' It's like that from time to time with Christian. There's a few routes, I mean not as much as Davante, I just think Davante was a little more polished route-runner as a rookie, but there are a few times where I might need to give him a second look even when things don't look great from the start because he does have that different type of speed. But we're finding ways to use him, I think, and again, we have to have patience."

Watson has six catches for 51 yards and a rushing score in three games played.

Adams had 12 games as a rookie in which he caught two or fewer passes.