Derek Carr admitted Wednesday that he is still getting accustomed to first-year coach Josh McDaniels' system.

"I feel so much more comfortable than I did, like, a month ago," said Carr, whose QBR of 40.6 through two games is his lowest since his rookie year of 2014.

"I mean, when you get out there and you do it, it's different from the sideline. Training camp's different, right? There's a different clock in the game because now I'm getting hit. I can turn the film on and I have experience from that point of view, in the system. I have experience hearing his voice, knowing what [McDaniels] wants me to get to. ... I want to go to exactly what he wants. ... That's going to grow, obviously, but small sample size, first two games. Hopefully, I'm doing some of those things where [McDaniels is] like, 'Yup, that's what I thought. Next play.'"

The Las Vegas Raiders are 0-2 after losses to the Los Angeles Chargers and Arizona Cardinals.