Aaron Rodgers said he anticipates a quick resolution to his playing future this offseason. Rodgers left open the possibilities of returning to the Green Bay Packers, playing for another team, or retiring. 

"It won't be something where I'll drag it out for months and months," Rodgers said at the end of a lengthy answer about his future.

"I'm not going to hold the team back from anything," Rodgers said. "And once I commit -- and if it's committing to move forward here -- it will be a quick decision."

Nearly a year ago, Rodgers called his future with the Packers a "beautiful mystery." 

While Rodgers said he "wouldn't rule that out" when asked about retirement, he said: "This has been one of my favorite years of football."

"I think that I'm just enjoying this season for this season and I think playing next year will definitely be in the thought process," Rodgers said. "One of the things that obviously [Rodgers wants is] to not be a bum on the way out and to still be able to play. I think is important to me. If this year has taught me anything, it's that I still can play, I still have a love for the game, I'm still super competitive and still enjoy the process of the week."