Jared Goff is "motivated" as the Detroit Lions prepare to face off against the Los Angeles Rams this weekend at SoFi Stadium.

"To sum it up, it'll be fun to see all those people and it'll be fun to be there. Of course, you're motivated. Of course, you have the chip on your shoulder. I've spoken about that," Goff said. "There was some disrespect felt towards the end, there was some sourness there towards the end and you still feel that, you still have that chip on your shoulder, but at the same time, when the game starts, if I let any of that come into how I'm gonna play the game, it'll be selfish.

"And I'm gonna play the game just how I would any other game and to be honest, I'm not worried about feeling some type of way, once the game starts," he added. "I really don't."

The Rams traded Goff to the Lions for Matthew Stafford this offseason in a deal that the quarterback said went down with no communication.