Sean McVay is expressing regret over how the Jared Goff trade went down as the Los Angeles Rams prepare to face the Detroit Lions.

"Yes, I wish there was better, clearer communication," McVay said. "To say that it was perfectly handled on my end, I wouldn't be totally accurate in that. I'll never claim to be perfect, but I will try to learn from some things that I can do better, and I think that was one of them without a doubt."

The Rams are 5-1 heading into the game with the winless Lions.

"I think he'll be received well," McVay said about Goff's return to L.A., where he spent five seasons after the Rams traded up 15 spots to select him first overall in 2016. "I think the L.A. fans and I think the Rams fans know what a great job he had done and how much -- I think how much he meant to the Rams organization both as a football player and also the community."