The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2-0 and Tom Brady has thrown nine touchdown passes, but the defending Super Bowl champions believe they can get even better.

Including the postseason last year, the Buccaneers have now scored at least 30 points and won each of their past nine games, the longest streak in NFL history.

"It's dope. I think the more we go, the more we figure out each other, I think the better it's gonna be," Chris Godwin said. "It's not easy to put up 30 points in this league. I think that's a testament to not only our offense, but our defense continuing to give us opportunities to go out there and score touchdowns."

Tampa Bay has five turnovers on offense, tied for the most in the NFL through two weeks.

"What I think, and I'm sure other guys feel the same way, is I think we can do better. I really do," said Brady, who has thrown for 655 yards this season. "And I really think we have the opportunity, with the way that the games are flowing and the opportunities we're getting with the ball -- we have even more. ..."