Aaron Rodgers has told some within the Green Bay Packers that he has become so disgruntled with the franchise that he does not want to return to the team.

Rodgers has not budged from his stance despite being visited by several key members of the Packers.

There are some members of the Packers that aren't sure when Rodgers would report if he's not traded.

Green Bay traded up to select quarterback Jordan Love during last year's draft and didn't inform Rodgers in advance of that decision.

"As we've stated since the season ended, we are committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond," Brian Gutekunst told ESPN. "Aaron has been a vital part of our success and we look forward to competing for another championship with him leading our team."

The Packers have offered Rodgers a contract extension this offseason.

The San Francisco 49ers reached out to the Packers about a possible trade for Rodgers on Wednesday.