Before Carlos Dunlap signed with the Seattle Seahawks last month, he was assured by Russell Wilson that the quarterback plans to stay with the franchise.

"I did ask him if, obviously, he was going to be with us, because if I'm coming back, I'm coming back because I see him as my quarterback, and the rest of the team, I want to pick up where we left off," Dunlap said Tuesday. "And he told me he's with us and he's here to stay, and he said, 'Let's go, Hawks.' I'm not going to quote his every word. These words are not his words verbatim, but these are my explanation of how I interpreted what he said."

Wilson was interested in a trade this offseason and put the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears on his list of teams in which he would approve a trade.

Dunlap's two-year deal is worth $13.6 million with $8.5 million in guarantees.