Sammy Watkins believes Lamar Jackson can become an elite passer as long as his Baltimore Ravens teammates get open.

Watkins joined the Ravens on a one-year, $5 million last week.

"It takes guys getting open to be great and look great and be the Patrick Mahomes of the world and be Tom Brady," Watkins said. "You got to have that No. 1 receiver or that No. 2 or that No. 3 nowadays to go out there and be successful and literally throw the ball with your eyes closed and be unconscious. If I can go out there and be healthy and the other wideouts can make plays ... we can be a balanced offense. [If] we get open when we need to get open, I think Lamar can throw for those 4,000 yards or those 4,500 yards [or] 5,000 [yards] -- whatever these guys are putting up. I think he can be that quarterback and be elite in this game."

Last season, the Ravens had the NFL's 32nd-ranked passing game.