The Miami Dolphins have played it safe with Tua Tagovailoa and his injured thumb, but Brian Flores says the rookie remains the team's starting quarterback "if he's healthy."

Ryan Fitzpatrick started in Sunday's 20-3 win over the New York Jets.

"Yeah, if he's healthy, he's the guy," Flores said of Tagovailoa. "I don't know how many different ways we have to continue to say that. You keep asking, I'll keep answering the same way. Again, he's dealing with something with the hand. We'll take it day-to-day. He's a tough kid. He wants to be out there. Thankfully, we have other guys who stepped up. We can talk about Tua, but we had 52 other guys who went out there and played their butts off today in all three phases. We were able to get a division win on the road. We're excited to win. We'll enjoy the win and then turn the page and move on to the next opponent, the Bengals."