Jim Nantz is negotiating a new deal with CBS and is seeking "Tony Romo money" in what could be a prolonged showdown.

Romo signed a new deal worth $17.5 million per season after he received strong interest from ESPN.

Nantz is currently earning $6.5 million per year and calls the Final Four and golf in addition to the NFL.

“In the last 30 years, Jim Nantz has become the face and voice of CBS Sports,” Nantz’s agent, Sandy Montag, told The Post.

“The network has become synonymous with his voice and his leadership.”

Nantz stated he wanted to call the Masters, an event he coined “a tradition unlike any other,” well past his previously stated goal of 2035, when he will turn 76.

Joe Buck makes $10.5 million per year at Fox with NBC's Mike Tirico near that number as well.