The Seattle Seahawks have lost three of their last four games as Russell Wilson has been mired in a stretch of turnovers unlike any in his career.

"You may slip and fall a little bit," Wilson said. "You've got to just keep climbing. I think Vince Lombardi said something about that one time. I think he talked about the man who's on top of the mountain didn't just get there. It's so true. I think that as a team, there's always challenges ... The guys that can keep getting up and keep swinging, those are the players and those are the teams that keep overcoming. What I do know about myself is I'm an overcomer. I've been doubted before. One thing about me is I'm going to keep swinging."

Wilson has 10 turnovers since Week 7, his most in a four-game stretch since he entered the league as a third-round pick in 2012.

The Seahawks have dropped from 5-0 to 6-3 and into a three-way tie with the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals for first place in the NFC West.