The New York Jets are winless and things may be crumbling from the inside.

Adam Gase wasn't happy that Gregg Williams, the team's defensive coordinator, took a veiled shot at the offense when speaking to the media on Friday.

Gase addressed the comments after New York's 24-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

"Yeah, I wasn't happy about it, but we talked about it," Gase said. "Right now, our players are doing such a good job as far as trying to get things righted. It's just that everything we say, it matters. He understood that we have to set the right example."

On Friday, Williams was prompted by a reporter who noted the Jets were allowing 32 points per game. The fiery defensive coordinator replied, "It's not a very good number -- and a lot of it's not all defensively."

Asked to elaborate, he said, "You'd have to figure it out."