Cam Newton ran 15 times for 75 yards in his first game for the New England Patriots on Sunday.

The quarterback brushed off concerns about the physical toll the gameplan might take on his body.

"I just feeling like that's just how my running style has kind of morphed over the years," Newton said.

"I just feel like I've gotten better at it. From the time that I got into the league until the time now, people always see the running amount, but at the same time, the toll on the runner is not always the same as a running back, so to speak. I think quarterbacks all alike have this invisible role to be able to get down in the open field, because they don't have to finish the run as other positions would like to do. So either I'm the hammer and not the anvil, delivering the blow, or at the end of the day I can get down and, like they all say, live to fight another day."