Patrick Mahomes signed a record breaking contract with the Kansas City Chiefs that shocked people in terms of numbers ($450 million) and years (10), but it has been widely panned by agents.

“Love the total numbers," said one agent. "Hate the structure. In order for the NFL player compensation to shift closer to MLB and NBA, it will take the players with real leverage to change the dynamic. No one has greater leverage than (Mahomes). His agents missed a big opportunity to change the game. It’s a big miss.”

Another agent believed it will adversely impact other players.

“Deal was horrendous for all players moving forward," said the agent. "The kid essentially gave up free agency for his entire career. There are good but not star players who will make more over the first three years of their deals than Patrick fucking Mahomes will make over his first three years (at $63 million). How does Mr. MVP and a (Super Bowl)-winning QB do worse?! And only 13 percent guaranteed. Absolute joke. Worst deal done in the NFL in the last 20 years.”

A third agent spoke more favorably of the deal, comparing it to what Tom Brady did with the Patriots.

“I look at the contract similar to what Tom Brady did for years. Take below market value to win. Think it shows commitment to the organization. Will be great for free agents in KC.”