Multiple NFL insiders have concerns about the quality of Patrick Mahomes' deal and speculate that agent Leigh Steinberg feared waiting could have resulted in Mahomes eventually hiring someone else to do the deal.

Dak Prescott (represented by CAA) and Deshaun Watson (represented by Athletes First) are the two quarterbacks most likely to next sign major contracts.

If Mahomes took a year-by-year approach, he would have likely earned $150.96 million over the next five years compared to $141.48 million over the first five seasons of his 12-year contract. 

The contract has $140 million in injury guarantees, but that only applies to career-ending injuries. Mahomes could have taken out an insurance policy for less than that difference. 

The market will certainly be higher five years from now, but he will already be committed to the Chiefs for seven more seasons.