DeAndre Hopkins thinks he's the best pass-catcher in football despite not having the same consistency at quarterback as some of his peers.

Hopkins will now be paired with Kyler Murray after coming over in a trade from the Houston Texans.

"I definitely think I'm the best," Hopkins said on the Jalen & Jacoby Show. "I know I'm the best. Mike's my boy. I love [Saints wide receiver] Michael [Thomas] ... but he knows if I had Drew Brees my whole career what these numbers would be. [Falcons wide receiver] Julio Jones knows if I had Matt Ryan my whole career. That's my boy. I trained with Julio, too. He knows what these numbers would be.

"Those guys are definitely blessed to be in a position where, their whole career, they had a Pro Bowl quarterback -- quarterback that they spent multiple seasons with. But I don't complain. I don't make excuses. I go out there and work."

Hopkins caught passes from 10 different quarterbacks since he was drafted by the Texans in 2013.