Aaron Rodgers has explained why he was one of 14 dissenters among the 32 NFL player representatives Tuesday, when they narrowly voted to send the new collective bargaining agreement to the full NFL Players Association membership.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback said he was voting not only on his own behalf, but with his teammates in mind as well.

Rodgers posted an explanation to Twitter on Wednesday.

He said his "decision to vote 'No' is based off conversations I have had with the men in my locker room that I'm tasked to represent."

Ultimately, the full union of approximately 2,000 players -- if all choose to vote -- will decide whether to approve the new CBA.

At issue for Rodgers and his constituents, he wrote, was the added 17th regular-season game, along with an extra playoff game for every No. 2 seed. Rodgers noted that had that been the case for the 2019 season, the Packers would have played on wild-card weekend rather than having a bye.