Taysom Hill would like to play quarterback, whether it is with the New Orleans Saints or another team.

"I definitely view myself as a franchise quarterback," Hill said in a recent interview with the Associated Press' Rob Maaddi. "I think as you look at the other questions: Is it New Orleans? Is it somewhere else? As you go into free agency, this is the time that you start to find out how people view you. We haven't gotten into free agency long enough to really know how these guys view me and we'll just handle it as it comes."

The Saints are not sure what to do at quarterback as they wait on a decision from Drew Brees on whether or not he will retire.

If the Saints don't view Hill as a QB1, he will attempt to leave.

"I have loved every second of my time (in New Orleans). So do I want to leave? The fact of the matter is no, I don't," Hill said. "But as you look at free agency, you have to find the right opportunity for you. You have to find the situation to take care of your family. I want to play quarterback in this league, and if New Orleans don't view me that way, well then I have to leave. That's really where we're at."