The Houston Texans were aggressive in their roster-building approach and Bill O'Brien thinks it paid off.

O'Brien has operated as general manager without holding the title following the dismissal of general manager Brian Gaine. He dealt away draft capital to upgrade the roster.

"I think that those moves did pay off," Bill O'Brien said. "Those guys came in, without mentioning each guy specifically, but I do believe that those guys came in and really entered into our culture of what we're trying to do, learned the systems, tried to go out there and those guys played well. I'm sure there's always plays that each one of them wish they could have back, but I think that those guys helped our team win this year, when we won.

"I think any move we make, we try to think about the long term. Now, you could probably pick and choose some moves where maybe contractually it doesn't seem like it's long term, but within the building and within the meeting rooms, we think about it more for long-term purposes as we move forward here. I think all those guys came in and contributed."