Bill Belichick has denied any involvement with the videographer who was caught taping the Cincinnati Bengals' sideline during their game on Sunday.

It has raised suspicions around the league and drawn some comparisons to "Spygate," the 2007 incident that led to penalties for Belichick and the New England Patriots.

"We're competitive and we'll try to be competitive in every area," Belichick said. "But we don't knowingly, intentionally want to do anything that's across the line.

"But since that's [Spygate] happened, I'd say we've tried to keep a good distance behind the line and not maybe take it as far as we would might have in the past. But it's never really fundamentally changed there."

In 2007, Belichick was fined $500,000 and the Patriots were docked a first-round pick in the 2008 draft after a team employee was caught recording unauthorized footage of the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets.