The San Francisco 49ers had two disappointing seasons after hiring Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch to run the franchise. The 49ers have quickly turned things around in 2019 and currently have the best record in the NFC.

“That’s why I’m happy where I’m at—it’s the organization we have,” he said. “We went through some tough times in our first two years, especially starting 0-9. I think the next year was 1-7. When you start that way, it’s very hard for a place not to splinter. That’s what was so different here in our first two years. Going 0-9 and finishing 6-10 helped finish with some momentum. Last year, never once throughout the year did you ever feel like the defense was against the offense or vice versa. Never once did I have an owner crushing me with, ‘Hey, we gotta change this guy.’ I mean, everyone here really just believed in each other. That was really tested with some of the times we went through but I think that was the neatest thing about it. We knew we had the right people around. We just had to get a couple difference-makers and stay healthy.”