Marty Mornhingweg has denied responding to the Baltimore Ravens' selection of Lamar Jackson by asking "When are we moving him to wide receiver?"

Michael Lombardi relayed the story on a recent episode of his podcast.

Mornhinweg is no longer employed by the Ravens with Greg Roman guiding Jackson to a potential MVP season.

“That didn’t happen,” Mornhinweg said. “Never said that. My thoughts before the draft, and even more when we started working with Lamar, was that this young man was going to be a special quarterback. Very early we saw that along with all of his throwing and escape abilities, he reads the field as well as any young quarterback I ever worked with.”

John Harbaugh backed Mornhinweg’s version of events.

“Marty was excited from the beginning to coach Lamar and was instrumental in helping him progress through his rookie season,” Harbaugh said.