Lamar Jackson ran the ball 19 times for a career-high 152 yards this past Sunday, but John Harbaugh came away a bit concerned.

Jackson took a fair amount of hits against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Harbaugh said that those hits are "part of the game right now with the way we play" while adding that there were still a couple of shots that he'd prefer to see Jackson avoid.

"I'm impressed with his toughness, there's no question about that. The goal is not probably to take certain hits," Harbaugh said. "There were probably two in them there that I probably would've rather seen him not get hit on, you know? But I think we also have to acknowledge that those are going to happen throughout the course of the year — hopefully less rather than more. You don't want a quarterback — I wouldn't expect him to be running that many times very many times this year; that's just the way it went."