The Chicago Bears have waived Elliott Fry, leaving Eddy Pineiro to enter the season as their placekicker.

"Both kickers for us had done a really good job competing," Nagy said. "It wasn't an easy decision for us. Both kickers had done a lot better [in the preseason] than where we thought they were in OTAs.

"But what this enables us to do now with two preseason games left is get more kicks [for Pineiro]. Now you're not splitting reps in the preseason game, and I think there is a mental aspect too for Eddy with him now able to get out there and kick in these final two preseason games and get those reps. The volume will pick up for him. It's a great opportunity for him to see what he can do."

Matt Nagy stopped short of declaring that Pineiro won the job outright.

"Like any position, we're always out there looking for the best," Nagy said. "Eddy hasn't attempted a kick in an NFL regular-season game, so like any player, that can go either really good or really bad. But we like where we are with him right now."