Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones says Le'Veon Bell's deal with the New York Jets re-set the market for running backs.

While discussing Ezekiel Elliott's future in February, Jones said Todd Gurley's deal with the Los Angeles Rams was "probably where it starts."

Gurley's average annual salary is $14.375 million, but Bell signed a deal with the Jets that calls for average salaries of $13.125 million. Bell also got $10 million less in guaranteed money than Gurley.

Jones was asked if he regrets intimating that the team would be using Gurley’s contract as a jumping off point in Elliott talks.

"No, I still think that's within the realm. At the same time, I think the market re-set with Le’Veon," Jones said. "I think you see what happens with Gurley and you get a great player like Le'Veon, who's every bit as well thought of as Gurley and he had unfettered free agency. He had 32 teams with no draft picks attached, and the market was $13.5 million ... less than Gurley's. At the end of the day, business changes, and we pay attention to that."